San Antonio to Date

How time flies when you are having fun. This post has some of the good , the bad, and the ugly of travel. Every bit of it a privilege, and at over 100 days on the road I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

San Antonio River Walk. Avoid in the heat of the summer but was a pretty day for a gorgeous walk.
The River was diverted many years before to create a place of art, hotels, and exercise around the downtown of San Antonio.
Tower of the Americas (center)
Beautiful day and a look at the mix of architecture.
of course to keep the canals of the riverwalk in check.
The Alamo. We did not tour as the line was around the building to get in, on this trip, lines are kind of a deal breaker.
I didn’t know it was such a series of buildings.
For you Dottie.
every good walk, deserves a beverage and authentic Mexican lunch.
Mi Tierra Cafe.
To ring in the New Year, we spent almost a week outside of Corpus Christi, Mustang Island, Port Aransas Texas.
We had a quiet week at the beach, not many photos, many of the man made creatures like the on seen above.
It was chilly and drizzly, but we were still able to watch the tankers come in to port.
I was able to take a short video of dolphins playing in the bow wave of the tanker, I posted to facebook, but this platform doesn’t like video.
So, this is half of a nylon/plastic guide, that keeps the metal tubes of our slide out arms separated so they function properly. We have ordered replacements and will be doing some repairs when all the planets align.
We took the ferry from Port Aransas and headed up and thru Houston, which is absolutely Huge. This is it starting on the left and it just keeps on going.
There was even more city off to the right of this photo. I guess everything is bigger in Texas!
We spent 4 nights in New Orleans because of some storms coming in, we had 2 good weather days. This is Jackson Square, with St. Louis Cathedral in the background, behind me is the Mighty Mississippi River (not pictured)
One of the many beautiful balconies in the city, this is in the french quarter. We rode the trolley into the Garden District which was beautiful, the home of Tulane and Loyola campuses

We stayed in a rv park next to a train yard that had over a dozen of rail sets, the train system is alive and well in the big easy. Also about a half mile behind us was a well known area for street racing. It’s called Da Pad, Utube has videos you can watch, we heard it almost nightly while we were there. The burned rubber on the concrete was so thick in places it looked like blacktop instead.

We did some exploring outside of New Orleans as well. This is Shell Beach, with a memorial to all that were lost in Hurricane Katrina.
It was raining as you can see the rain drops are caught by the camera but the names etched in the granite are not.
One of the houses raised after the flood waters receded.
We saw one with a school bus parked underneath but couldn’t find it again on the way out to get a photo of it to give even more perspective of how high off the ground these are.
We went out as far as the road would take us past a little fishing village.
We started eastward from there, and had 3 very foggy days in Biloxi, and then Mobile.
I think the next photos speak for themselves.
Convention center Mobile, AL The man in the next car asked if I wanted his photo too, I politely declined. 🙂 We spent one night in Mobile, drove downtown for about 20 minutes, went down Hank Aaron rd and Satchel Page drive to the Costco for our spoiled dogs, we were out of their favorite dog bones.
We spent 4 nights in Destin Florida at the Destin West RV resort. Very nice place that had an agreement with the hotel on the beach to use their facilities. It was too cold to swim, but we stuck our toes in the water. This photo is from yesterday. Jeff and I landed in a local watering hole to shoot some pool and celebrate his birthday!
We are in Mexico Beach Florida for one more night. October of 2018, Hurricane Michael had his way with this stretch Florida’s coast. The devastation is still very evident a year and a half later. In this photo, you can see something written on one of the buildings. It is ASI, All State Ins. and a claim number. We walked part of a neighborhood where there is nothing left of the houses except the concrete slab foundation, some carpet tack strips, linoleum, or tile stuck to them. I’m talking a full street in this neighborhood, A dozen houses, 6 per side of the street gone. I can only imagine the heartache this area has been through and still deals with, count your blessings and share all the love in your heart, it’s all we really have.
This used to be a restaurant, the yellow part on the right still has tables and chairs in it. Jeff just told me put that thing away, we are going to that island in the gulf…the adventures continue. Be happy and well until I type again!!!