What a slacker

Hope all of you have enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday, got some shopping done or simply enjoyed some time away from the daily grind. Since last I updated the blog, we made our way down the Washington and Oregon Coast, spending the Holiday in a KOA at the Oregon Dunes. Miles and piles of sand the families as far down as LA come up to play on with their ATV’s. It was fun to see families out enjoying the outdoors and each other. Lots of mud and noise. They also let you drive on the beach itself in this area. I’m sorry to report I didn’t get any photos while driving on the beach. I was busy enjoying the moment. The Dunes are close North Bend, OR and Coos Bay.

Whether it is rainy or clear, it is a beautiful coast line.
This area reminded me of Scotland a bit. Not near as cold but a soft day nonetheless.
The lump on the sand isn’t a rock, it’s a seal. This is Coos Bay where we encountered the most sea creatures.
All the brown squiggles you see on the rocks are sea otters or seals.
The day was drizzly and the waves were kicking up. I was trying to time the photos to get some splash. I got a few, but need far more practice.

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