California here we come!

I had never been to this part of California before. I experienced my first glimpse of Redwood trees. Absolutely fantastic and amazing to see nature at her finest. Crescent City had plenty to offer for a few days. Let me show you…

Crescent Bay Lighthouse
With all the rocks, you can see why any Captain would appreciate a little help.
Harbor seals talking to one another. It was nice to hear something bark other than Rudi.
Apparently nap time for this bunch.
There is a 16 mile drive through a redwood forest with several hiking trail heads along the way. I was completely fascinated by the size of these trees and the fact that the soil can support so much surrounding these monster trees.
Jeff easily has a six foot wing span, not even close to the length of the base of this one.
Sun roof was great , it’s hard to look so far up and take a photo without getting a little dizzy.
Jeff walked the base of this tree and figured it was at least 100 ft around the base.
nice little creek running through
This was in our campground.
Standing on that stump, I could have climbed in and played hide and seek.
Mother Nature never gives up. This is a fallen tree and shows how these trees propagate. side view next
I just loved the ferns
The root end of an upended redwood, I have no idea how long ago it toppled.
A marina near Eureka CA
Carson Mansion from the Marina. Carson ran the largest logging company in the area. From Eureka we traveled to Ukiah, CA to visit Jeff’s Cousin. We had a good time reminiscing and creating new memories as well. Since then we have traveled down to Petaluma, CA where I was able to entertain my inner child at Snoopy’s home ice at Santa Rosa. I will post pictures once I get them off my phone.
We are headed to the coast tomorrow toward Monterrey. See you Soon!

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  1. Aren’t those trees spectacular. Glad to see a couple of new blogs in the past couple of days. Blogging is not as much fun as it sounds, is it? All is well in Seaford. Got back on Thursday evening. Dinner with the Meeds tomorrow. It feels great to be back. Keep enjoying the sights.

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