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I clearly took some time off from this for the Holidays, so much so as I had to look to at my last post to see where I had left off. December 12 seems so long ago, when it’s only been 16 days. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, is still enjoying Hanukkah, and any other joyous activity this season brings.

As promised in my last post, I had a few pictures from my inner child day that were still on my phone. The Charles M Schulz museum was closed the day we were there, but I was able to get a few photos that I love.
Thanks to Kevin McCool. Gave us a tour of Snoopy’s home ice. Gave me a ride on the Zamboni, allowed me upstairs to see their Hall of Fame. Those who have had the opportunity skate with Snoopy line the walls of the hallway where rink offices are, I found too many of my favorites there to post.
Some of the stained glass inside the snack bar area.

We left Santa Rosa/Petaluma and headed down to Gilroy, CA The Garlic capital of the US. We spent a few days there, headed over to the coast to see Carmel by the Sea and drove down the coast as far as Big Sur.

There was a little scenic road through Carmel by the Sea that gave these great views of houses right over the edge it seemed. When you looked back at the land side of the road there were houses all nestled in with one another with gorgeous and huge windows for looking out to the water.
If this isn’t a scene out of a Disney evil Queen movie, I don’t know what is.
The waves kept rolling in and the water was such a mixture of colors.
We stopped here for lunch that day. The next few photos are from the restaurant. Well worth the stop.
The weather had just cleared, they were fogged in about a half hour prior and as we drove back up to our RV park the fog had rolled back in, We were lucky.
A place outside to sit and enjoy the views
This bridge is on the cover of our Rand McNally Road Atlas and Jeff was determined to go over it and get a photo of it. It is the Bixby Canyon Bridge, construction finished in 1932.
clouds rolling in

When we were north of San Francisco, everyone kept telling us how expensive Napa and Sonoma were and we had just visited a half dozen little wineries in a few days, so we continued from Gilroy to Paso Robles. More wine country, different, but lots of little places to enjoy. We were most impressed by the difference of scenery to the coast than we had experienced before.

I forgot to tell you we were headed to the San Simeon Coast, the home of Hearst Castle and a bunch of fun elephant seals. I had a blast watching them, hopefully you will enjoy them too.

At first you think they are all asleep, until a few of them move and bark and fight.
Scratching an itch. I didn’t realize they had similar dexterity and it almost looks like our digits at the end of their flipper/fin, what ever it is actually called.
The one on the right starts a fight.
Swing and a miss, but next time…
He connects.
Look Ma no cavities.
Pick Me, Pick Me
Hearst Castle up on the hill. $35 a piece for one of 3 tour options. We decided on a nice lunch by the water instead.
We were able to catch some kite surfers.
Another angle of the Castle, and there are zebra on the grounds. I thought my husband was teasing me until he handed me the binoculars.

I haven’t taken many photos since this time. From Paso Robles, we headed east and south and moved everyday, until Christmas. We moved through Bakersfield, which was touted as a relatively unpleasant place to live, spent the night in Mojave, CA, then Needles, on to Buckeye, AZ, over to Lordburg, NM, and into Texas.

First, VanHorn, Ozona, Fredricksburg, Austin and currently San Antonio. We will be heading to Corpus Christi on Monday. I have a few photos from Austin and San Antonio. I will update the blog with those next time. All I will tell you, if you have a chance to go to a conference or a long weekend in San Antonio. Do it, the river walk area is beautiful, food is fun between bbq and tex/mex, I would highly suggest to miss it in the summer.

California here we come!

I had never been to this part of California before. I experienced my first glimpse of Redwood trees. Absolutely fantastic and amazing to see nature at her finest. Crescent City had plenty to offer for a few days. Let me show you…

Crescent Bay Lighthouse
With all the rocks, you can see why any Captain would appreciate a little help.
Harbor seals talking to one another. It was nice to hear something bark other than Rudi.
Apparently nap time for this bunch.
There is a 16 mile drive through a redwood forest with several hiking trail heads along the way. I was completely fascinated by the size of these trees and the fact that the soil can support so much surrounding these monster trees.
Jeff easily has a six foot wing span, not even close to the length of the base of this one.
Sun roof was great , it’s hard to look so far up and take a photo without getting a little dizzy.
Jeff walked the base of this tree and figured it was at least 100 ft around the base.
nice little creek running through
This was in our campground.
Standing on that stump, I could have climbed in and played hide and seek.
Mother Nature never gives up. This is a fallen tree and shows how these trees propagate. side view next
I just loved the ferns
The root end of an upended redwood, I have no idea how long ago it toppled.
A marina near Eureka CA
Carson Mansion from the Marina. Carson ran the largest logging company in the area. From Eureka we traveled to Ukiah, CA to visit Jeff’s Cousin. We had a good time reminiscing and creating new memories as well. Since then we have traveled down to Petaluma, CA where I was able to entertain my inner child at Snoopy’s home ice at Santa Rosa. I will post pictures once I get them off my phone.
We are headed to the coast tomorrow toward Monterrey. See you Soon!

What a slacker

Hope all of you have enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday, got some shopping done or simply enjoyed some time away from the daily grind. Since last I updated the blog, we made our way down the Washington and Oregon Coast, spending the Holiday in a KOA at the Oregon Dunes. Miles and piles of sand the families as far down as LA come up to play on with their ATV’s. It was fun to see families out enjoying the outdoors and each other. Lots of mud and noise. They also let you drive on the beach itself in this area. I’m sorry to report I didn’t get any photos while driving on the beach. I was busy enjoying the moment. The Dunes are close North Bend, OR and Coos Bay.

Whether it is rainy or clear, it is a beautiful coast line.
This area reminded me of Scotland a bit. Not near as cold but a soft day nonetheless.
The lump on the sand isn’t a rock, it’s a seal. This is Coos Bay where we encountered the most sea creatures.
All the brown squiggles you see on the rocks are sea otters or seals.
The day was drizzly and the waves were kicking up. I was trying to time the photos to get some splash. I got a few, but need far more practice.