Onward to Washington State

We left the Portland Area and headed north into Washington. We stayed first in Gig Harbor about an hour outside of Seattle. We avoided the major city in favor of quieter adventures. We drove around the area and found the most amazing Ymca camp. I would have loved to spend a few weeks of my youth there. After a few days we moved on to Port Angeles and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The strait is the water border between the US and Victoria, BC, Canada.

Victoria Island, BC
We drove along the coast to get out to Cape Flattery, the farthest NW point in the continental US. This is part of the 1/2 mile hike through the forest to get to the Cape.
First Views from the trail of the Pacific Ocean.
Toward the end of the trail, they refer to this area as sea caves as the waves continue to work deeper into the rock here.
Directly in front of the cape is Tatoosh Island. If I had my telephoto lens, you would be able to see the lighthouse on it more clearly.
Same island without any magnification. The weather has been ideal for getting to where we would like to go.
More views of the Pacific Ocean as we make our way down the coast toward Oregon again.

We are making our way down the coast. Staying a few nights in Lincoln City near Devil’s Lake, and then will head down to North Bend just north of Coo’s Bay to spend 5 nights. There are Dunes there to play on and explore the area over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We are thankful for your support of our adventures and wish everyone the warmth of family and friends, as well as a safe and grateful holiday!

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  1. We walked to the very tip in Washington also. We found Washington to be a beautiful state. But, there is nothing like Crater Lake.

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