Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake and a few other places

We’ve been out of decent internet service for a bit. According to Verizon Unlimited, after you use 25 GB it slows to a snails pace and is no fun to use whatsoever. Lots of big volcanic rocks out west, most of them pretty stunning. I will show you some of the more famous and a few not so famous but still good views nonetheless.

At 14,000+ ft in elevation we first saw Mt. Shasta from about 85 miles away rolling down Hwy 89 toward I-5. This photo is much closer, from the park road leading up to trails all around.
I am finding that the road leading up to your destination can be just as beautiful as the destination. Not a huge fan of looking backwards, but sometimes it’s good to remind you how enjoyable it was on the way there, and how far you’ve come.
Many of the trees in this area have a light green moss, or lichen that grows on the branches and trunks. The nerd in me will have to look it up sometime and figure out which type of plant it is…
From our campground in Weed, CA. It was the perfect time of day as the sun was still up and the moon rising.
Just thought I’d look up one of the big pines and see what I could see.
From Weed, Ca we moved on to Prospect, Oregon. The first day we took a little side trip onto some Fire Service roads up 6 miles or so where people with Jeeps and other 4 wheel drive vehicles go. We met a small caravan of folks coming back down the mtn. This is one piece of an out cropping they call Rabbit Ears.
Both Ears
From as high up as we could drive. Our little Honda has been a trooper! The two tracks got too steep and a precarious from here and we’ve got too far to go to tear up the car.
Once we hit the main road back to our campsite, we followed a sign to this area of the Rogue River, a gorge formed by collapsed volcanic tubes.
Crater Lake, The water is so deep and blue. We have had the best weather we could ask for at this time of year.
Our views of the lake this time of year are very limited. They only keep a small section of the roads around the lake open. They close November first and re-open in June or July dependent on weather.
There is a tour boat that will take you to that island, in the summer.
The cloud above almost looked fake.
One of the few times my husband has ever looked small, at least since I’ve known him.
On the way back we stopped at the natural bridge on the Rogue River.
I took a video, but this platform doesn’t like them. The water flows through and sometimes over the collapsed volcanic tube. The bridge is 250 feet long the water source is melted from atop crater lake.
From Prospect, OR we spent the night near Eugene, OR and moved on near Portland to spend a few days and visit this beauty. Mt. Hood. This is taken near one of the ski slope areas.
As you can see they are getting ready with all the equipment . They have only had one snow so far this season and are eagerly awaiting the full season to start. I hope to be long gone by the time the snow flies.
Looking back on the road, we were above some clouds and were glad that we would be able to see Mt. Hood above them. Later I will show you a better picture of Mt. Jefferson. In this photo it almost blends in but if you look just left of the trees on the middle right hand side of the photo you will see a peak with some snow on it.
The poles on the road, give you an indication of how high the snow gets during any one winter.
The lodge is open to the public and has several rooms to stay as well as restaurants, bars, and lounges. We had lunch in the Cascade dining room. It was a more elegant meal than we anticipated, but we were only going to be there once!
One of the sitting areas where folks can gather around this massive fireplace.
quite a door and latch.
Even the stairways are huge, and ornate. The newel posts had animals carved on top of them.
I found the weather and this view a little more appealing than Mt. Hood. As promised this is Mt. Jefferson.

We drove into Portland today. I didn’t take any photos. I realized that I am definitely not a true city girl. Some beautiful old churches along side new style architecture, the hustle and bustle of traffic with packed parking lots. There are more homeless tent sites here than I expected. We saw many in Las Vegas as well, but these looked a little more permanent along the side of the highway leading into the city as well as on some of the city streets. I can’t put the words together to describe how seeing them made me feel, other than sad. I understand we all make choices, and some poor choices lead us to places we never imagined for ourselves. I’m sure some would choose differently if they felt they had a choice and some aren’t even aware what choices exist. I don’t know what the answers are, or the how or whys some have ended up where they are. Another reminder to count your blessings and be kind to one another.

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