Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe

We stayed in Mammoth lakes, CA and had the chance to visit friends there. It was a 2 hour ride into Yosemite from there but a lovely ride across Tioga Pass and into the park. The roads have been very kind to us and the journey itself is so beautiful, there just aren’t enough superlatives to describe it all. I found Yosemite less striking than Bryce Canyon or Arches National Park; but still I am extremely grateful the land has been set aside for all to see. We didn’t see any bears, but there are signs everywhere reminding you that you are in active bear country and need to be smart with your food, and any ‘pretty’ smelling items. I was borderline paranoid, which Jeff enjoyed thoroughly.

Half dome from the road at least an hour before entering the park.
The trees are as spectacular as the granite rock formations.
Most of the waterfalls are dry in the park this time of year. Was very happy to catch this one.
I apologize for not knowing exactly where we are in the park or the names of the rock formations, on this day, I just took pictures.
I normally feel short, so I’m used to it, but check out the picnic table bottom left.
actual car door opened by a bear, again Jeff enjoying the opportunity to tease me.
El Capitan
There were several climbers on the mountain. I have a few close ups next.
on the road back from the park
One of the most beautiful lakes I’ve seen. And being from the Great Lake State, I think that says something.
Emerald bay, looking out to the East side of the lake
We have had fantastic weather and wished we could have just stayed on this dock with a cold beverage. Cheers to all of you who are following along. We are now headed even farther north and west hoping to be in Oregon in a few days.

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