Since leaving Las Vegas

We had to head south, we wanted to head into California and into Death Valley, but Mother Nature had other plans, Santa Anna Winds running 30-40 mph with gusts as high as 70 mph. Winds of that speed don’t mix well with our RV. We were also concerned about winds carrying sparks into other areas we had no idea where and wanted no part in trying to outrun disaster.

We headed to Lake Havasu City, AZ spent a night there and then headed into California via Newberry Springs, CA. near Barstow. I saw more trains moving than I had in my entire life. Every 30 minutes or so, one would go west and then another east. Barstow is a huge train hub apparently, who knew? There is also a huge USMC logistics base there. They must dispatch most of their equipment from that location, I sure saw enough to make anyone say oooorah! From there we headed up 395 to Lone Pine, CA , a gorgeous place with plenty to see. The following pictures are from 2 days of exploring the area, Whitney Portal road, Horseshoe meadow road, and movie road.

some roads seem to head nowhere…
wait for the closeup
nice spot for your cabin eh?
when you get out into some of the mountain roads, a photo like this helps hansel and gretel get back to their campground.
Horseshoe meadow road was lined by these high desert flowers and were covered with insects, some bees .
This was once Owens Lake. The Owens River flows now into the LA Aqueduct. Water rights were purchased in approx. 1919 up river just north of Independence. CA. By 1933 the lake was dry. The story of this lake was the inspiration for the Movie, China Town.
They have started to let some water back into the lake as part of a reclamation project which has been considered a success, insects and birds have returned to the area. Time will tell what else may happen.
The road back to our campground view. It is a huge valley on the less populated side of things here in CA.
A side road off of Whitney Portal road is this sand road with many offshoots with many different looks. Being 2 or so hours outside of LA it was a perfect spot for filming. The following pictures are all from that area and we had a blast imagining ourselves in the wild west.
Happy Trails to you, until I post again…coming up Yosemite and Lake Tahoe!

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