So it’s been a little bit.

The last group of big photos I took sat in the camera for awhile. I was feeling like the blog was becoming more like a job, than simply sharing our views and excitement. Below you will see a small place and wide open spaces outside of Washington, Utah called Little Black Mountain and then Zion National Park. We may be going back to Zion after Thanksgiving. Most of the year, you can only see part of the park in a private car. 20 years ago, you could see all of it in a private car all year long. Now, the park is so popular, they take people on giant tour buses and you hop off and on at different spots.

More Petroglyphs, one of our friends suggested that the indigenous teens weren’t much different from the youth of today, that this was their brand of graffiti. The Bureau of Land Management has their work cut out for them, there is plenty of land in this part of the country.
This was so linear in nature it seemed like a map to where the best hunting was at the time or just a way to pass time, no one really knows.
On the drive into the southern entrance of Zion National park.
The road in is a series of switchbacks offering different views, each as stunning as the next.
How’s that for some fall colors???
This guy, rooted in rock at an interesting angle and the colors behind him…I had to take his picture.
Makes me wish I were in better shape so I could hike wherever my eyes want to go.
every so often the rock washes away and leaves these eyes, my term, wonder if they will eventually, another 10, 000 years, become an arch.
This is checkerboard mtn in the park. You really don’t see defined marks like these on any other mountains here, so why here?
Taken out of the sunroof of the car. Safely seat buckled in, nothing to worry about.
Drink plenty of water on your adventures. The guys in this jeep were visiting from the US Virgin Islands.
We’ve turned around at the east entrance and are almost back to the beginning, the light changes and so do the photos, a little bit.
That’s one of the tour buses I wrote of earlier and they call the rest of the road we didn’t travel the scenic route. Views haven’t been subpar so far can only imagine at this point what we missed. I’ll let you know if we make it back to find out.
by the visitor center
Outside of Zion and back into the wide open spaces. This place is horribly ugly said no one ever!

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