Las Vegas

We visited with friends and family for a week in Vegas. As you well know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! I have a few photos of the Hoover Dam as I took the tour, but the rest of the fun isn’t my story to tell. I will share that there were plenty of sights to see and a few I wish I could un-see. I know I am getting older because I was confused by quite a bit that I saw, thinking, why? more often than why not?

The giant Turbines I think there are several more , but one generates enough power to charge 130,000 cell phones for a year. Where the flag is hanging is a crane that they use should any of the turbines need repair or maintenance, 300 ton crane on top and sometimes they move the 2nd one down to help lift parts.
From the observation deck you can see the water leaving the power plant and heading downstream as well as the new bridge. Years ago the only way was to drive over the dam. Post 9/11 most traffic is sent over the bridge and your car is searched prior to driving over the dam.
The water at the dam is about 195 ft low as you can see by the exposed rock. It only has so many more feet before it can no longer produce power. This area of the country hasn’t seen much rain since May, Hence why the wildfires in CA are out of control right now as well as all the watches and warnings in this area.
The back side of the dam shows the depth of the canyon along with all the individual blocks of concrete it took to make this monument to ingenuity happen. They were in the middle of the depression when this was built. Workers made $4.00 per day and had two days off a year. built from 1931 to 1936. Spillways were tested in ’41 or ’42. and hadn’t been used again until 1983, thank goodness they worked like a charm. They ran the spillways in ’83 for 63 days straight and had no issues. If they hadn’t worked, the flooding and devastation downstream would have been catastrophic.

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  1. Looks like you are really making progress on your trip. Hope all is well and you are having a ball. All is good here, enjoying living in something that doesn’t have wheels. Live it up, it is once in a lifetime trip.

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