Bryce Canyon National Park

Fair warning, I took 252 pictures in this park, I know some of them will look very similar to everyone by the time I am done posting. I was here once before about 20 years ago. The memory is a funny thing. I remember that I liked other areas better, but the first time I was here, I was also in charge of a 6 year old. I may have more appreciation this time around as well as more of a singular focus.

I’m not captioning many because, some you just need to look at the open space and breathe.
Usually I feel like pictures miss the color of the moment, but this one is pretty close. It felt like the rock was glowing like flames in a fire.
Every pull off, different angles of the canyon, the light changes and all of it wondrous.
Loner and a rebel.
There was a fire here about 10 years ago. Some areas have recovered better than others, but in no way do these burnt tress detract from the beauty of the place. In fact, it reminds us of all the seasons of life and how precious our moments are here.
Look at all the colors in this photo. I have a greater appreciation for those that purchase the glasses in order to see color for the first time. This is as close as I can get to imagining that moment for them.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the views. I will post again soon.

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  1. This is fabulous! I feel like I have seen a lot of the country that I had not before.

    I am so happy to see you guys enjoying life together and I am excited to keep up with your journey.

    I love you both!

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