Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

Let me start by saying our pictures and travel of Salt Lake City are very limited. There is quite a bit to see here and wish we were staying another, we got ahead of ourselves and booked another campsite near Zion National park for tomorrow night.

Inside the Tabernacle, the acoustics in this building are world renowned. We had an issue with our washer/dryer unit in the RV and missed the organ rehearsal by about a half hour.
This is the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Those that are not current members of the LDS community are not allowed in the Temple. There is a building adjacent to the Temple that has a model that is an exact replica that the public can view. The dome behind is the Tabernacle.
This view and the previous are taken from the 10th floor of the Hotel Utah, built in 1909 and opened in 1911, by the richest families in the area, from LDS, Catholic, and Jewish faiths. Salt Lake City was a Silver mining town and many of the families made their first fortunes here, like William Randolph Hurst. The tower mid shot is the air traffic control tower at SLC airport.
Facing East, from the Utah Hotel.
The Hotel Utah is now owned by the Church of LDS there are two of these fountains on the 10th floor. One in the south west corner and one in the southeast. note the carpet around this one.
This is the carpet around the south eastern fountain. Pretty ornate for something you walk on.
The foyer of the Hotel Utah, all original from 1911, the columns were done in a certain art style that no one knows exactly how to do anymore. They brought artisans from all over Europe, to create this hotel. It is famed to be the Grandest hotel west of the Mississippi, and was extremely formal, until the 1950’s women wore ball gowns and men in white tie to dinner here. We had a host at the hotel give us all the information I am passing on, I didn’t research any of this myself so, I wouldn’t quote me. He claimed, Will Rogers was refused service for not meeting dress code.
The main dining room, all original except the 4 chandeliers that used to be in the main foyer, they were moved here because they were to hard to clean in the main foyer.
One of the paintings on Burlap, in the main dining room. The room is surrounded by scenes like this.
Olympic Venue
Part of the luge or bobsled track.
Start house and more of the track. Lift to the top of ski jump too.
They even have a school up here now for ski jumping.
Imagine, you fly off the jump and if you look just to the left this is your view, with snow everywhere of course.

Again, Park City is a quaint ski town with coffee shops, eateries, and a very good distillery. Worth the time to see for yourself, about 35 minutes outside of Salt Lake City.

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