Crystal Geyser and Sego Canyon

We went a little off the beaten path today and saw some things. There is a geyser that isn’t predictable, one of the owners of the campground we are in, says he has seen it go off 3 times. Today it made a little noise, but was still interesting to me to see.

When we first arrived on scene, it looked to me like a toxic spill.
Beyond the geyser spray pattern, Jeff checking out this section of the Green River.
I found the ground patterns intriguing and it was wet, but almost crunchy, not slick at all.
The geyser is well protected on one side by the landscape.
The lighter colors almost mid photo looked more green to the naked eye.
Standing here is where I could hear it gurgling.
Don’t worry, we turned around in time.
On the way to Sego canyon is some Indian Art.
Thankfully this guy was patient with me and fortunately I had my giant telephoto lens on the camera magnification 210. We have seen very little wildlife so far, a few deer at Capitol Reef yesterday, and the western version of chipmunk, Marmot. So this guy was a fairly spectacular find.
If anyone is enjoying the trip more than Jeff and I, it’s this furry beast.
It’s a long way up from the canyon floor.
Every now and then you would swear the walls have faces.
Lots of washes, where rain water runs, and ATV’s go in good weather.
An old mine shaft
This one was closed by mother nature, see the boulder that crashed through?

That’s all for today, we will be heading up toward Salt Lake City in the morning so we need to straighten up the RV for another drive. Looking forward to what’s next!

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  1. It really brings back memories of our trip. It really can not be described unless you have been there. You guys still have a whole world to see yet. Enjoy the trip as well as the destinations. We are enjoying playing house in Seaford. Dinner with Doug and Katrina tonight, our regular Sunday dinner. Played euchre last week and enjoyed it. Who knows what game we will play tonight.

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