7 days since our last post and it is amazing what you can see when you aren’t working!

Hi All,

We are off to a great start on our Adventure. We stayed until the 7th of October in Broomfield, Colorado. We visited and enjoyed friends and family and then off to Gleenwood Springs. Beautiful drive west, yet the weather had other plans for us staying another day to enjoy the city and a soak in the hot springs. We moved on to Green River Utah where we will spend yet another night, maybe more. We went to a museum the day before last that featured the trip down the Green River into the canyons, where it meets the Colorado River. Expedition spearheaded by Major John Wesley Powell. The man which lake Powell is named. One of his team kept a secret journal, his name is George Young Bradley. A good read if you feel like googling him. Yesterday, we visited Arches National Park and today we visited Canyonlands National Park. Must Sees if you are ever in the area. Before I post any pictures, remember, I am an amateur photographer. I feel that many we’ve taken just don’t do the locations justice. You really need to stand there and soak in the views. The depth and range of beauty in this area is beyond words at times. I found myself humming America the Beautiful and feeling like a spoiled brat for the opportunity. I am extremely grateful for the people that set aside the land thinking others need to see this too. As much as we fuss about our government, the national park service is something they absolutely have gotten right. All photos in this post are from Arches National Park.

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