Some of you saw the launch

For some reason, probably a format thing, I couldn’t post the video our friends took of us leaving. In less than a week, we’ve driven through, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and are now in Colorado to visit Jeff’s sister and family.

In West Virginia, we stayed in a little campground in Gauley Bridge. Twenty bucks, not a bad deal. We then headed to Loveland, Ohio to see Uncle Ray and Aunt Kathy for a night. They treated us to dinner, I had my first Impossible burger at a nice little restaurant and then the boys beat the girls at Euchre. The next day we landed outside of St. Louis, we didn’t stop to see The Arch, but oh well, who needs to go sideways in an elevator anyway?

Our next night was spent in Junction City, Kansas. Nice little campground. Only thing that was a bit unnerving was the tornado watch that turned into a warning. The campground told us the nearest approved shelter was at a car wash equipment room down the street. I got a “go bag” ready and thankfully the weather never turned nasty enough for us to leave. A neighbor camper said if the sirens went off he would take us, because of course, our battery was dead in the tow car. Rookies, we have since learned how to avoid that happening, charging it over night or running the car during a lunch stop or both.

Last night we stayed just in the Colorado border a small distance in Stratton. Small town but big enough for a night.

That’s one giant cross!
I couldn’t get my camera ready in time for Arrowhead Stadium, so the Royals will have to do.

More photos to follow, it takes a while to upload them with my internet connection at the moment. Maybe after dinner.

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  1. Checked the blog and it looks like you are putting some miles behind you. All is well here in Seaford, enjoying the house tremendously. Keep the blog and the pictures coming. Be patient uploading photos on the campground internet, they are all verrrrrry slow. But you have all the time in the world now. Enjoy every minute. Let me know if you get this response and I will continue to post on your blog.

  2. HI JEFF and KATIE! Holly here…
    Just read your blog posts- FABULOUS! ISN’T IT FUN TRYING OUT A NEW TECHNOLOGY?
    Your trip sounds exciting with some interruptions due to Mother Nature- ALWAYS to be respected in traveling this great country ‘cuz it changes everyday… GLAD to hear that you have a
    GO BAG- essential for the unexpected.
    Keep ’em coming- we’re watching you!
    Today, we went to the cycling store to repair Bills bike and then to the Yorktown Library- THX Jeff- I used your card I found in the drawer! Loving life in your home here…do you miss your hot tub? We LOVE it! Thank you

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